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Kaplan_-_300_DPI.jpg         Kaplan is one of the world’s largest and most diverse education providers with over one million students from more than 30 countries. Headquartered in US, Kaplan is part of Graham Holdings (formerly The Washington Post Company) and is its largest subsidiary.

In Singapore, Kaplan has three entities - comprising Kaplan Higher Education Academy, Kaplan Higher Education Institute and Kaplan Learning Institute, and hold 4-year EduTrust certification conferred by the Council for Private Education (CPE), the regulatory authority for the private education sector in Singapore.

A leading private education provider, Kaplan Singapore offers over 300 industry-relevant programmes to enable young and adult learners to pursue their qualifications of interest. The programmes include diplomas, degrees, professional qualifications, English language programmes to GCE O-Level preparatory courses.

Kaplan Singapore currently serves over 30,000 local and international students from more than 30 countries worldwide.



Beacon Blended: A New Kind of Learning
Beacon Blended (BB) is the MOOC of high school education, but we are doing it right (we hope) from the get go!

BB is embracing the original spirit of the MOOC revolution by offering all of its content FREE to schools and students around the world. A quality, accredited, US education will no longer just be for the 1%, but for everyone who has an internet connection and a desire to learn. The core of BB's curriculum is taped online lectures taught by teachers from top U.S. high schools and universities. Students will receive appropriate supporting materials that go along with online lectures.

Students looking for a credential or actual high school credit will have the option to select different versions of the course that may include graded assignments, quizzes, and live office hours in which students can directly speak with their teachers online. Beacon Blended is also planning on turning the current bricks and mortar high school educational delivery method on its head by offering turnkey accredited courses directly to high schools. Like its consumer offering, schools will have the option of utilizing our courseware for free as they might in a blended classroom model, or they might simply outsource full courses or departments to BB with either in classroom or virtual faculty.

We believe Beacon Blended offering will revolutionize high school learning by making quality high school curriculum easily accessible at any time from anywhere.

For more information, please check out www.beaconblended.com

Logo - Fliplearn .png         Fliplearn is a 21st century e-learning platform that’s built around the theme of ‘Learn, Share and Perform.’ It’s a first-in- category education solution that combines the power of the internet with social collaboration and smart phone mobility in a format that allows students seamless access to course material, sharing and performance evaluation. Within 18 months of operations, Fliplearn has reached 1.6 million users across 2600 schools in India.

Brand Partner

 Cialfo_Blue_Logo-3.png         Cialfo(cialfo.co) offers an innovative SaaS platform (available on web and mobile) for independent college counsellors, private organizations and high schools to streamline their overseas college application process. It increases the effectiveness by enabling efficient task management, managing communications with their students and parents; and an automated proprietary college shortlisting algorithm.
PLI_seethourgh_logo.png         Proximity Learning Inc. (PLI) is a fully accredited online education provider based in Austin, TX. Unlike most online programs, our courses are customized and built around district’s scheduled class sessions and delivered live through an online classroom. Our live instruction model closely approximates the experience of a traditional brick and mortar classroom setting, because students receive attention from a highly qualified instructor. Our courses also include asynchronous elements and online material that can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Baseline Ventures

BaseLine-1.jpg         Baseline Ventures Pte Limited is a Singapore based sports marketing and Licensing Company. Baseline is the distributor of Learntron producs in South East Asia and India markets.

Learntron is a SAAS product for the education, corporate and government industry designed to deliver high-end learning, engaging and training experiences for today’s multi device, multi operating system connected learners in low to unstable bandwidth conditions. Learntron is targeted at 4 segments – formal education comprising of K12 & Higher Ed., Online education comprising of certification programs, distance learning, tutoring, test preps, Vocational and Executive/Staff training for corporate and government institutions.

Century Tech


CENTURY is a curriculum and content agnostic cloud-based adaptive learning platform for learners which engages individual students with digitised learning content and provides real time data insights and actionable feedback to teachers. CENTURY is a whole school, multi subject platform which provides cross curricular insights. CENTURY enables the educator to provide a wholesome education to each individual. Learners learn on the personalised learning platform and generate the data which is displayed on intuitive dashboards which inform educators on the achievement of learning objectives, progress and achievement.

CENTURY provides learners with personalised messages and learning recommendations based on heuristic algorithms and reduces teachers’ administrative and data management workload, arming them with real-time deep insights into each of their students.
Schools worldwide are sharing teacher created and curated content on CENTURY and also benefit from big data insights at their fingertips leading to improved strategies in the classroom and supporting evidence based teaching and learning.


 Codetakt logo.png         Codetakt develops educational platforms to encourage active learning for all ages. Our main service is schooltakt, a web-based LMS that allows teachers to observe student’s work and progress in real time. With extensive compatibility, schooltakt is available to use on any browser on almost any OS in  any tablets, smartphones, laptops, computers, and any other smart devices (BYOD). Teachers can distribute assignments and classroom materials on their screen to their students in no time. By providing clear analysis and display of each student’s progress, teachers are able to focus on class preparation and where students need most help. We currently provide subscription based plans for schools and institutions in Japan, and we also partner with other corporations to provide our software services together with hardware and Internet settings for schools. 


 DigiExam-1.png          DigiExam is the leading, secure end-to-end assessment platform. The platform makes life easier for teachers and instructors to prepare and grade exams, reduces workload and saves institutions money. DigiExam is focused on providing an intuitive user experience for the teacher and is easy and painless for the organization to implement. The creation and the grading of exams are done in a web application and the tests are delivered through a client that the student downloads on his/her device. This ensures that the platform is 100% reliable and works both on and off line. DigiExam currently serves over 1,300 schools and universities in over 50 countries.

Learn more: www.digiexam.com

Edutel Technologies


Edutel Technologies Private Limited - Featured in the Financial-Times’ report on “Innovations in Education”, Edutel Technologies has developed satellite-hybrid technology to help underprivileged students in remote geographies get access to quality education. As part of its flagship project, Edutel and partners are delivering Satellite and Advanced Multimedia Interactive Education in 1,000 rural Indian government schools. The program involves live-delivery of classes by a subject-matter expert in local language using customised high-quality multimedia content with two-way interactivity. Improvement in student-performance levels are at 10-15% on average as per 2015-16 impact study. The project has gained international recognition through the prestigious WSIS PRIZE 2015, at the UN-Summit led by ITU. Edutel’s offerings are relevant to several developing countries, and can cater to a large number of locations in a very cost-effective manner.

For more information please visit: http://www.edutel.in/

EMERITUS Institute of Management



EMERITUS Institute of Management offers management education programs in collaboration with three top ranked business schools: MIT Sloan Executive Education, Columbia Business School Executive Education & Tuck Executive Education At Dartmouth. EMERITUS open the doors for working professionals, who cannot enrol in full-time business programs, offering them access to a top-tier and an affordable education that will give them the skills, needed to be the business leaders of tomorrow.

Our curriculum, students, faculty and footprint are all globally oriented. Our goal is to develop leaders who can lead with a global mindset, who have a solid understanding of how the global economy works and who are comfortable working in a globally distributed workplace.

Our focus is on providing a transformational educational experience. This is measured by our ability to improve our students’ potential to lead at three levels: lead businesses, lead people and lead themselves.

Learn more: http://emeritus.org/




Inknoe is a Singaporean company that developed integrated hardware/software solutions for improving the efficiency & experience of teaching. Our flagship product, the Inknoe Interactive Panel, helps teachers better engage their students by allowing them to annotate and interact with their digital content (i.e. PowerPoint slides). With our board of teaching experts, Inknoe is keeping one eye fixed on upcoming teaching methods, and is in the process of developing dedicated solutions in an effort to Build the Future Classroom.

Learn more: http://www.inknoe.com/

iNurture Education Solutions

 iNurture_New_Logo.jpg         The lack of jobs is not as much a problem today as is the lack of career-readiness among fresh graduates. iNurture Education Solutions Pvt. Ltd (www.inurture.co.in), the Bangalore based pioneer in enabling career-ready formal higher education in India, has endeavored to tackle this issue head-on, working in collaboration with well-reputed universities and autonomous institutions.

Established in the year 2009, iNurture strives to strengthen employability quotient across the complete spectrum of adult learning - from colleges to corporate. The new-age undergraduate and postgraduate programs, offered through the University-Industry Partnership (UIP) model with institutions of higher learning, help students become career-ready and launch rewarding careers right upon graduation. Meanwhile, the E-Learning university certification programs, offered under the iNurturePro initiative (www.inurturepro.com), help other students to be prepared for new-age jobs upon graduation and also assist busy professionals to skill-up in various emerging industry domains and accelerate their career progress.



Kidobotikz is the EdTech brand of SP Robotic Works, focussed on a maker-centric education for children to explore technology intensive concepts through Robotic kits and a Gamified online platform.

The robotic kits have been designed and developed by Tech-brains, child experts and academic experts to bring out the best from a child. With 500+ activities packaged in 4 progressive kits – the hands-on experience gained makes him/her a little scientist!

The online platform makes use of original content, watch-and-learn videos, rich animations and interactive questions that make learning contextual, visual, engaging and fun.

Real-time progress of the child along with the analytics on the child’s strength and interest is provided to have an insight onto the child’s future.

Sneha Priya and Pranavan founded SP Robotic Works in 2012, when they identified the need for experiential learning of technologies during their university years. The company was awarded the Best startup in 2015 by CNBC and an Award for exemplary application of IT by CII in 2016. 

Learn More: https://kidobotikz.com/



Knowre is an education technology company delivering personalized and engaging learning experiences to students around the globe. Knowre’s revolutionary technology identifies individual student learning gaps and fills those gaps through algorithmically generated curricula and interactive scaffolded support. Knowre further enhances learning by providing students with an engaging and fun learning environment, and teachers with actionable and comprehensive data. Knowre partners with schools, private education companies, and other corporations with the goal of helping students reach their full potential.


 prep2go_logo.png         Prep2Go is a leading provider of innovative blended learning solutions. They pioneer instructional technology and tailor-made solutions for schools and corporations to optimize the teaching and learning experience. Their groundbreaking products offer the most efficient solutions for education and training, and enable personalized education in traditional classrooms.

Prep2Go is part of an education group that was established in Israel over 30 years ago. In 2000 it spun off to become an independent blended learning solutions provider, and established its main development hub in Singapore. Their knowledge and experience span a wide range of languages and cultures, and include the creation of full preparatory courses, learning games, as well as supplementary technologies and other solutions. Alongside their expertise in pedagogy and e-learning technologies, they integrate the latest science on memory and learning into their products to offer the most advanced and effective solutions on the market.


 Qooco logo_FC.jpg         Qooco is a leading B2B mobile learning SaaS solution provider, offering cloud-based spoken language, productivity, upselling, analytics, reporting, and learning performance management modules for K-12 and select vocational sectors.  Using its advanced proprietary speech and analytics technologies, world class content, and immersive virtual reality, Qooco delivers vastly superior student outcomes, with supporting big data, compared with traditional approaches.  In the K-12 sector, Qooco has mobile learning solutions for spoken English and Mandarin, with eight Asian and several European support languages.  On the same platform, Qooco offers mobile learning solutions for the hospitality and food and beverage industries, featuring the world’s largest industry-specific content portfolios.  All Qooco solutions have formative assessment, actionable data-driven analytics, and gamification, which deliver superior student outcomes consistently at scale, for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.  Using Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, we empower significantly improved student learning outcomes.


 skooly logo.png        

Skooly is a collaboration platform for managing a child’s educational journey. It empowers teachers with simple and easy class messaging, see unified calendar, publish class moments and AI powered learning and assessments. Skooly has a highly customisable and all-in-solution to meet the administrative requirements for schools, pre-schools and academies respectively. Additionally, the platform also offers seamless and easy payments collection.

SKT Education Group

          SKT is an innovative education group dedicated to global education reform through unique customized products and services that fit the needs for the 21st century students. We are dedicated to the personal transformation of our students and thrive in providing a diverse set of skills and knowledge. We invite all whom align your vision in joining us to achieve our mission in making education alive!

SKT stands for Skill, Knowledge and Transformation. By integrating & innovating 21st century learning frameworks in our products, we empower learners to acquire and develop advanced skill, knowledge and transformation. This is essential for them to thrive in a world of continual change where learning never stops. Partnering with leading education experts in the US and China, SKT not only offers pristine high quality education products, but also provides the platform for students to continually develop their talents, unleash their potential and help them become global leaders of tomorrow.

SKT Education group is leading the global education reform with our 5 building blocks:
1. Organizing multidisciplinary team-based competition & trainings
2. Leading in thematic based global exploratory education programs
3. Developing globally innovative education solutions & learning methodologies
4. Providing a global network of industry & educational experts to enhance integrated learning for our students to succeed in college, career & life.
5. Creating a unique personalized global online competency portfolio & network to explore future opportunities.

 Tapkids Pte. Ltd.

 Tapkids_logo.png         Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Singapore, Tapkids Pte. Ltd. is a vibrant company with the mission “To bring JOY in learning to children” through the use of technology. With its expertise in the field of Augmented Reality technology, the company brings a whole new experience of learning to kids.

In order to inspire kids to learn English and make the way of learning more interesting and exciting, our company have created Tapkids product by utilizing the new Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Tapkids product will make use of 3D models and make them alive using the AR technology. Thus will make the kids become interested and will be more focus.

Our first series is called Tapkids Animal. It will be retailed in a Tapkids Box which includes the following:

  • Tapkids Animal flashcards (26 cards with Animals & alphabets)
  • User Guide
  • Activation code for the software.

Learn more: http://tapkidsapp.com/



Teamie is a cloud-based social learning platform that helps to deliver online, blended or classroom-based learning programs. Teamie provides learning management tools for content delivery and online assessment, and provides a social collaboration environment that is purpose-built for learning. With its social learning tools, analytics and mobile apps, Teamie makes learning collaborative, engaging and accessible anytime anywhere. More information about Teamie can be found at www.theteamie.com.

Twig World


Twig World - Outstanding Digital Resources For Teaching STEM

Complete Teaching Resources
Twig World has more than 40,000 digital learning items for teaching STEM from Kindergarten through to Grade 10. At the heart of its resources are 3,000 proprietary short films that use footage from the BBC and other top archives to captivate the classroom, bringing science to life for all ages.

 Original Content 

Twig World has the only specialist education production studio in the world - the company creates all its own films and all its digital content in the UK, producing more than 500 new films each year and delivering topical STEM content in 17 languages to 79 countries around the globe.

 Professional Development 

Twig World supports its teaching resources with a complete digital Professional Development programme produced in partnership with Imperial College London. More than 100 hours of PD support is delivered to teachers on handheld devices or PC that improve scientific knowledge and deliver the skills for enquiry-based learning to teachers.

 STEM Improvement Programme

Twig World delivers a complete national programme to provide the content knowledge and analytical skills that give students confidence in approaching the problem-solving and higher order thinking challenges of PISA and other international tests.

Learn more: https://www.twig-world.com/


 vibal_logo.jpg         Vibal is a multimillion-dollar Philippine company with core businesses in systems integration, network design and infrastructure, and technology solutions specialized for education, government, and private enterprise. Its mission is to become the top purveyor of a digital lifestyle through the reinvention of traditional systems and aligning them to 21st-century paradigms. This is implemented through the development of complete end-to-end technology solutions to address the ever-changing needs of a highly diverse market.

As a major proponent of digital education in the Philippines, Vibal has sold and distributed more than 250,000 e-textbooks to schools all over the country and has installed V-Smart learning management system and Vibe e-reader on more than 85,000 tablets. Vibal has evolved into a market leader in the technology space with its own diverse portfolio of digital products including interactive e-books, lms, e-bookstore, portable cloud-based servers, and other enterprise mobile applications and e-learning solutions for government, private firms, educational institutions, and consumer segments.


Vivaling.png         VivaLing is the world’s first online language academy for kids. Relying on outstanding coaches, latest findings of language-learning sciences and leading-edge technology, we deliver language classes in real-time video to children and young adults aged 1 to 21. VivaLing currently has young learners in 32 countries and counting. Check us out on www.vivaling.com