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  • Opening Keynote:  The Key Trends Driving Transformation and Investment

  • Panel: Global 21st Century Readiness: Developing the Skills

  • Panel: Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Realities: What is Today's Reality?

  • Power Keynote: Meeting Childhood Development Needs in the Digital Environment

  • Panel: Global Perspectives From CEOs: Executives Explore the Key EdTech Trends

  • Keynote: Top Tech Trends Pushing Personalisation Forward

  • Power Keynote: Snapask

  • Region Spotlight: Top Education Trends in Singapore

  • Region Spotlight: Chinese EdTech Landscape

  • Startup Product Pitches: Digital Capabilities Changing the Way We Teach, Learn and Connect

  • HundrED: Learning from Other Countries' Use of Edtech

  • Power Keynote: Embracing the 3rd Wave of Digital Transformation

  • Panel: Measuring Effectiveness of Digital Implementations of EdTech in Schools

  • Case Study: Championing innovations across various education models in Vietnam

  • Power Keynote: Can You Structure Innovation into a Curriculum

  • Panel: Personalised Learning - One Size Does Not Fit All

  • Power Keynote: School of the Future

  • Tech @ Lightning Speed

  • Panel: Upskilling Today's International Workforce for Tomorrow's Jobs

  • Closing Keynote: Reimagining Education

  • Power Keynote: How EdTech is Changing the Landscape of Education in Asia and How the Governments Are Reaching

  • Panel: Investor Perspectives - Accelerating Innovation Across the Globe

  • Region Spotlight: EdTech in India

  • Region Spotlight: Top Education Trends in Singapore

  • Founder Stories: Edtech Innovators From Across the Globe

  • Panel: Creating Access to STEM Through VR

  • Keynote: The Power Digital Assessment and Predicitve Analytics

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  • Ali Shameem, Head of ICT, Surabaya Intercultural School

  • Allison Baum, Managing Partner, Fresco Capital

  • Alwyn Leow, Co-Founder, Cerebry

  • Amol Arora, Vice Chairman & Managing Directo, Shemrock & Shemford Group of Schools

  • Blair Stevenson, Founding Manager, Oulu EduLAB

  • Brendan Burke, Science and Mathematics/STEM Coordinator, GEMS Academy

  • Christopher McNamara, Deputy Principal Program Design and Development, Melbourne Girls Grammar School

  • Conor O'Sullivan, CEO, Adaptemy

  • Craig Vezina, Co-Founder, RealCast AR

  • Dimitry Istomin, CEO, Examus

  • Dominic Liechti, Executive Director & President, Khan Lab School

  • Don Anderson, Head of Family & Learning Partnerships, Youtube APAC

  • Gabriela Bonofiglio, Founder & Head, Carrots&Apples-Learning Field

  • Grace Lim, Founder & CEO, Aeventage

  • Hary Candra, Co-Founder, Pesona Edu Group

  • Ira Joshi, Vice President, Content, Sesame Workshop India

  • Jeremiah Tse, Managing Director, Jaree Smithe

  • Johanna Kartila-Malmivaara, CEO, Cuppla

  • Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Director General, Finish National Agency for Education

  • Ricky Tan Teck Yeong, Chairman, KinderWorld Education Group

  • Russell Shilling, Senior Innovation Fellow (funded by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative), Digital Promise

  • Rusydi Khairul, CEO & Co-Founder, Reactor Industries Pte Ltd

  • Tan Han Sing, Founder, Tueetor

  • Thomas D. Kim, Director, Business Development & Corporate Strategy, CHUNGDAHM Learning

  • Yu Hata, Founder and CEO, PETS Japan

  • Yuan Dong Lin, CEO and Founder, Chivox

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