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What do you like about your role?

At Reactor, it is very enjoyable and inspiring working for young and talented individuals identifying problems they feel for and creating a business solution to solve them. My proudest moment is when a Reactor Alumni goes out there to execute their projects to succesfully impact the world.

As the co-founder, I like to be able to work on multiple sides of the same business and create a system that is more valuable than the different individual parts similar added together.


Share three predictions on the future of Edtech. 

Open APIs for greater compatibility and user-friendliness

Using VR,AR and AI to teach

The value will not be just from what’s online but also more importantly from the human touchpoints.


What technologies do you believe have the potential to transform the education industry? 

  • AR
  • VR
  • AI

Looking at the key trends over the past 5 years in edtech, what would you say have been the key areas of change that are impacting edtech today? Anything unexpected that surprised you? Trends that were overhyped and never met their expected potential?

  • Advancement of technology, in particular the level of sophistication in AI

  • Underutilised Edtech products

  • Incompatibility with one another’s products


Why is it important for all players in the edtech ecosystem to continuously connect, network and learn from each other? 

  • Building up a support system

  • Sharing deals


When you think about joining EdTechXAsia this year, what are you looking forward to? What makes you excited about our event in Singapore?

  • Meeting the speakers from the event

  • Speaking with Edtech entrepreneurs

  • I am excited about the event!

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