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What do you like about your role?

As I am from Singapore , an Asian country with a good education system but one that can do with  new creative EdTech innovations from European and global companies,makes my participation useful for me and other participants.


Share three predictions on the future of Edtech. 

  1. EdTech will accelerate much more faster than in the  private education sector in the next 3 years and thenthe  public sector.
  2. Contexual and conversational AI and Data Analytics that make Assistant Teacher Bots will be an innovation reality in the next few years. Our company has  such an invention and we are seeing great possibilities already
  3. Skills based certification for working adults make take precedence  to acquiring degrees say in  5 to 10 years’  time


What technologies do you believe have the potential to transform the education industry? 

Everyone will say AI of course.I think intelligent collaboration tools and Teacher Assistant tools will outpace mere adaptive learning and predictive tools.

Looking at the key trends over the past 5 years in edtech, what would you say have been the key areas of change that are impacting edtech today? Anything unexpected that surprised you? Trends that were overhyped and never met their expected potential?

 I think the pace in which AI in kicking in is at a much  anticipated pace globally and specifically in education sector is both a hype as much as it is a reality.


Why is it important for all players in the edtech ecosystem to continuously connect, network and learn from each other? 

We are humans. Collaboration online is the easier but more powerful means to learn ,as offline networking and collaboration has demonstrated in the past and present.


When you think about joining EdTechXEurope this year, what are you looking forward to? What makes you excited about our event in London?

 Learning from everyone ,about technology and innovation that helps  to improve teaching and learning in more ways than ever before. That is exciting enough given the global audience.


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